Waterloo Mini Maker Faire cancelled for 2014

We will be regrouping and building a team for 2015. More announcements will be coming along as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you!

The first annual Waterloo Mini Maker Faire was a huge success! Without the help of so many groups and people, none of this would have been possible!

First off, we’d like our Sponsors, who provided us with the money, supplies, and time to ensure our event would be free, educational, and open to everyone. We want to thank Kwartzlab, Diyode, the City of Kitchener, the Manufacturing Innovation Network, Priority Circuits, Princess Auto, and CCj/Clearline.

Secondly, we want to thank all of our Volunteers. Everyone who helped out with the planning, organizing, lifting and running around madly on the event day. You were the glue that helped to keep the event together.

Thirdly, we want to thank all of our Makers. If you ran a table, sold goods, gave a talk, demonstration, ran a workshop, or played music at the end of the day: from the bottom of our hearts, thank-you! You guys were the heart and soul of the operation. Without you, there would be no Maker Faire.

And finally, a huge thank you to the #kwawesome community. We did this for you guys, and boy, did you ever come through! We did not expect to receive as warm, positive and large a response as we had on Saturday.

We look forward to seeing everyone in about a year for the Second Waterloo Mini Maker Faire!

Meet the Makers Part 50 – George Kourounis

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From his site:

The “Angry Planet” TV series chronicled my travels as I circled the globe, getting up close with the most violent and spectacular forces on Earth from tornadoes to hurricanes to volcanoes and more. We filmed 39 episodes in over 30 countries on all 7 continents!! The show has been broadcast in over 100 countries on OLN, The Travel Channel, Halogen TV, MAV TV, and The Weather Network.

George Kourounis will have his storm chasing truck on display in front of Kitchener City Hall, and he will be giving a talk at 11:00 am

Meet the Makers Part 49: REAP

REAPWaterloo.ca explores combining Arts and Technology to create new opportunities and uses for interactive digital display. The Deep Realities project (DeepRealities.com) explores ways in which Augmented Reality technology and digital media can be used to change the way we explore our world. Stop by the booth to see what Augmented Reality is about. Drop by the REAP Felt lab to work on interactive digital display projects too.

Meet the Makers Part 48: Kwartzlab

We are a social and creative group, first and foremost. We love to think of new things to invent, or new ways to do things; our work really is a window into our personalities, and into the spirit of the Society. We’ve joined Make:KW for workshops on programming Arduino microprocessors and motor drivers, and even metal casting. Individual projects include a steampunk gown with a complete animatronic bustle; a laser synth guitar; and a “hillbilly” amp made from an old wooden box. We even had a booth at this year’s DIY and DJs event. But in addition to all this hard work, we also love to have fun, and sometimes we just get together for lunch, or a few drinks, or to take part in community activities. The fun stuff helps us to get to know one another, and this additional bonding really feeds our cooperative spirit.


Visit our website

Meet the Makers Part 46: Think|Haus

Hamilton’s Local hacker Space.

Our current vision of the Think Haus Space goes something like this:

We want to create a place for:

  • meeting up with people that have an interest in the “Maker” culture
  • sharing tools and knowledge
  • working together on projects that are bigger than one person
  • reaching out into our community and showing people there is another option besides the “do as you’re told” consumer culture
  • teaching
  • learning
  • applied engineering
  • being social

For people who:

  • are Hackers, Makers, Crafters and Artists
  • “get” the Make Magazine idea
  • think 1950’s Popular Mechanics was awesome
  • prefer to take things apart and put them back together better
  • like to meddle with gizmos and blinkylights
  • consider themselves hackers in the MIT and Berkeley traditions
  • thought “Real Genius” was awesome
  • want to play with lasers
  • can’t afford / aren’t allowed a work space of their own
  • want to share what they know


Visit their website

Meet the Makers Part 45: Dragonsmith Armoury

Custom metalcraft and sculpture. We will be giving a presentation on the basics of working with sheet metal to make armor and hollow-ware.


Visit their Facebook page

Meet the Makers Part 44: Schema Factor (Musical Act)

Schema Factor is a high-energy electronic music project. We use Arduinos, accelerometers, and wireless modems to make the music interactive, synchronized to a dancer.


Visit their website

Meet the Makers Part 43: DJ N3mef (Musical Act)

A DJ who’s speciality is EDM

Meet the Makers Part 42: Binary Forest (Musical Act)

Binary Forest is an experimental music project with electronic and psychedelic influences. Using a loop pedal, we create multi-layered instrumental melodies that are lighthearted and infectiously fun to dance to. An important part of our sound is JC, the cactus. Inspired by experimental composer John Cage, JC is an amplified cactus which we (very gently) use for percussion and for creating unusual synth melodies. Our performance also includes captivating visualizations which react to the sound of our music projected onto a screen behind us. We implement this with the help of Bernie Rohde, a skilled and talented member of the Kwartzlab group.


Listen to Binary Forest on Soundcloud